YouTube 'cos we want to: MPs' expenses special

by Stephen Tall on May 23, 2009

Welcome to an occasional new LDV feature, YouTube ‘cos we want to, rounding-up a couple of the most amusing/bad/interesting YouTube videos doing the rounds. This week, our focus is MPs’ expenses (what else?).

First up, let’s enjoy Tory MP Anthony “I’ve got a very very large house” Steen’s joyously apoplectic radio interview defending his claims from the taxpayer for treating 500 of his trees:

Then there’s American Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart giving his Daily Show take on MPs’ expenses – and coming up with the best one-word description yet coined, ‘Scamalot’:

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And finally for today, here’s the fantastic Beau Bo D’Or‘s take on Make Poverty History. Enjoy:

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Daniel Hannan for Speaker.

He is young, direct, eloquent and an educated gentleman.

His recent tirade of truth, to the face of Gordon Brown, shows that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and has the courage of his convictions.

He is wasted in the corrupt EU Parliament.

by Susannah on May 25, 2009 at 9:54 am. Reply #

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