LDV Members’ Survey – MPs’ expenses (3): the political impact

by Stephen Tall on May 22, 2009

On Tuesday evening, LDV emailed those Lib Dem party members signed-up to our private discussion forum inviting them to take part in a survey focusing on MPs’ expenses. Many thanks to the 240+ of you who have so far completed it; we’ll be publishing the results on LDV over the next few days. You can catch up on the results of all our past exclusive LDV members’ surveys by clicking here.


LDV asked: On the basis of all that you have read, seen or heard – and trying to put party loyalties to one side – which political party do you think has come out worst of the MPs’ expenses row?

Here’s what you told us:

>> 48% – Labour Party
>> 6% – Conservative Party
>> 30% – Labour party and Conservative party equally
>> 0.5% – Liberal Democrats
>> 14% – All parties equally
>> 0.5% – None of them

I’d be interested to hear from LDV readers who are out on the doorsteps canvassing for the 4th June elections whether those responses mirror what you’re hearing from the voters.


LDV then asked about the allegations against Lib Dem MPs: Which of these statements comes closest to your view:

Here’s what you said:

>> 42% – “The allegations against Lib Dem MPs are – relatively speaking – small beer. It is unfair on our MPs that they have been lumped-in with other, more serious, accusations.”

>> 54% – “The allegations against Lib Dem MPs may be smaller in size, but they are just as serious because the Lib Dems need to be, and be seen to be, different and better. Our MPs have let us down.”

>> 5% – Don’t know / Other

An interesting split, here, with a very significant minority of you taking a – generally – lenient view of those Lib Dem MPs’ expenses indiscretions which have so far been reported; but the majority of you stating quite simply that those Lib Dem MPs ‘named and shamed’ have let down the party.

(As promised yesterday, when I get chance the comments submitted by those who completed the survey will be posted in LDV’s private members-only discussion forum).