NEW POLL: who do you think should be the next Speaker?

by Stephen Tall on May 19, 2009

Well, it’s come to pass – Michael Martin is set this afternoon to resign as Speaker of the House of Commons after his botched handling of the row over MPs’ expenses. The question on everyone’s lips now is: who will replace him? We’ve set up a new poll asking just that question – here are the most-frequently touted candidates from whom to choose:

  • Diane Abbott
  • Sir Alan Haselhurst
  • Frank Field
  • Sir George Young
  • Richard Taylor
  • Vince Cable
  • Sir Menzies Campbell
  • Ken Clarke
  • Sir Alan Beith
  • David Davis
  • Norman Baker
  • Sir Patrick Cormack
  • Tony Wright
  • Other (please state in comments)
  • More important than who should do the job is this question: what do we actually expect the new Speaker of the House of Commons to do to help restore trust in Parliamentary democracy?

    There are all sorts of reforms we as Lib Dems might wish to propose – from Nick Clegg’s list of reforms through to proportional representation to limit the numbers of safe seats – but what will be a new Speaker’s role in all this?

    Suggestions below, please …