Lib Dem PPC quits over website

by Stephen Tall on April 30, 2009

Oh well, that’ll learn me. A fortnight ago, I reported in highly sceptical terms a story in the Carlisle News & Star about the involvement of Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Carlisle, Steven Tweedie, in an anonymous website “calling for Eric Martlew to be ousted as Carlisle’s MP”.

As I remarked at the time, the now-defunct (still available to view via Google’s cache here) was innocuous stuff, for example suggesting visitors “wish him good luck in his retirement or ask him what he intends to do about some of the key issues facing Carlisle”.

It was ill-advised I guess for Cllr Tweedie to agree to ‘babysit’ the site – Parliamentary candidates should stay above this kind of thing – but I’m still genuinely surprised to read that he’s felt it necessary to resign over what appears to be a pretty minor matter. Yet that is what Teletext North East is reporting has happened:

Carlisle Lib Dem Steven Tweedie has apologised for running a website attacking local Labour MP Eric Martlew. Mr Tweedie has spoken to Mr Martlew and written a letter of unreserved apology for his “negative tactics and ungentlemanly behaviour”. The city councillor for Dalston has also quit as the party’s parliamentary candidate at the next General Election.