Nick attacks Brown's "spectacular step in the wrong direction" on MPs' expense

by Stephen Tall on April 22, 2009

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has pledged to put his own radical proposals on reforming MPs’ expenses to the House of Commons after a meeting between the three main party leaders on the issue ended in deadlock.

Gordon Brown published his own plan yesterday which included replacing the second home allowance with a daily attendance allowance. It got short shrift from Nick, but it seems the Prime Minister is unshiftable. Speaking to BBC News tonight after the talks, Nick said:

Gordon Brown wont budge. He wants to move to this system where MPs would basically given a cheque for turning up. He seemed determine to put what I think is a really spectacular step in the wrong direction to a vote in the House of Commons next week. We are servants of the public. Taxpayers pay us to do our job, we should account for every penny that we claim. Taxpayers have a right to know how we spend and why we ask for any money from the taxpayer.” (Source: