Budget '09 open thread

by Stephen Tall on April 22, 2009

Chancellor Alastair Darling has just finishing delivering this year’s Budget (about 50 minutes in case you had a sweepstake). If you missed it, the BBC site has an at-a-glance round-up here, chief of which include:

> Economy forecast to shrink 3.5% in 2009
> Growth expected to pick up in 2010, expanding by 1.25%.
> Economy to grow by 3.5% annually from 2011
> Public borrowing to increase to £175bn this year
> Public spending to be cut from 1.1% next year to 0.7% in 2011-2012
> Income tax for those earning more than £150,000 to rise to 50% from April 2010
> Alcohol and cigarettes taxes to go up 2% from midnight – one estimate is that it would put 5p on the average pint of beer
> Fuel duty to rise by 2p per litre from September
> Annual limit for tax-free ISAs to rise to more than £10,000 for over-50s this year and for everyone else next year
> The basic state pension will be increased by at least 2.5%, regardless of inflation

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will deliver his reponse on behalf of the party in a few minutes, and we’ll publish that on LDV later. In the meantime, use the space below to give your reaction…