Lib Dem PPC wishes to oust Labour rival: shock! horror!

by Stephen Tall on April 17, 2009

The Carlisle News & Star has broken a story which might rank alongside Damian McBride’s emails for its scandalous content: it appears that the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Carlisle, Steven Tweedie, is involved in a website (prepare yourselves) “calling for Eric Martlew to be ousted as Carlisle’s MP”.

The paper’s revelations go further: “Anonymous opponents of Mr Martlew have used the website to urge voters to support any candidate in preference to him at the next General Election.” Imagine!

The site,, is now unavailable, but the Google-cached copy – currently available here – is all pretty innocuous stuff (though the grammar is a bit lacking). For example:

Eric Martlew has been the MP for Carlisle since 11 June 1987. The editors and contributors to this website would like to say bye bye to Eric and usher in a new era of high quality representation at Westminster. Carlisle is a great city, and has been for over 2000 years, under the representation of Eric Martlew our city is at risk and has declined in many ways since he was elected, we’ll be posting some images below which speak for themselves.

Next week, the local paper will reveal that the Liberal Democrats intend to take their campaign even further, and actually put up a candidate against Mr Martlew at the next general election.