A big shout out to da Hertforshire Lib Dems as wicked 'Six to Fix' rap goes massive

by Stephen Tall on April 17, 2009

Respect to the Hertfordshire county Lib Dem crew – hear da Telegraph now:

Cllr Allan Witherick, 30, the youngest member of Hertfordshire County Council, has unleashed his rap star persona to promote a new campaign launched by his party. The Six to Fix campaign highlights six key problem areas in Hertfordshire, from poor roads to a failing home help system. And Cllr Witherick has decided to spread the word through street music, ahead of the county council elections in June. In what he describes as “a funky mix with a little bit of flare”, he attacks the six main failures of HCC in his 100-second rap.

Check dis and chill:

He’s no Susan Boyle, innit, but boyakasha for keeping it real, Cllr Witherick – increase da peace.