Chris Huhne Q&A on Ian Tomlinson, MPs' expenses, his small majority, Robert Maxwell and Nick Clegg's T-shirt-wearing sexploits

by Stephen Tall on April 13, 2009

Lib Dem shadow home secretary Chris Huhne answers these questions – and many more besides – in today’s Independent:

On police violence:

The officer who lashed out at Ian Tomlinson is not typical. But any constable who betrays the public’s trust to use force responsibly should be disciplined and, if appropriate, charged. It is lamentably unfair to the vast majority of self-controlled officers if a thug tars the whole force.

On his property portfolio:

My wife and I have no more homes for our own use than any other MP’s family – one in my Eastleigh constituency and another in London. My other properties were bought as a pension fund before I was elected, and earn income as investments just like shares or bank deposits. I am proud of a successful business career.

On the Lib Dems’ chances of getting into government:

High. I gave up the safest Lib Dem seat in the European Parliament for a Westminster marginal in part because I am convinced that we will complete the process of political reform within my lifetime. We had six MPs in 1970, and 63 today. We control big cities like Liverpool, Sheffield, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Swansea, Newcastle and Hull.

On climate change:

The longer we delay serious measures to tackle climate change, the more difficult the solution. There must be a green route to recovery because we cannot go back to our old carbon-fuelled ways. This will involve sacrifice – rebalancing our tax to penalise activities that threaten the planet while taxing other activities less – but we should not scare people off. The best estimates (such as those of Lord Nick Stern) are that the costs of going green are modest. The costs of not going green are cataclysmic.

And on completing this sentence in the style of Nick Clegg: I have had sex with no more than…

…a T-shirt on – nice try, though.

You can read the whole piece HERE.