Ian Tomlinson – full Lib Dem blog round-up

by Stephen Tall on April 8, 2009

The Guardian’s video showing a policeman making an unprovoked attack on Ian Tomlinson in London during last week’s G20 protests has sparked a great deal of coverage on Lib Dem blogs today. Here’s a full round-up in chronological order:

Video on Guardian website appears to show police assault on Ian Tomlinson – Jonathan on Liberal England

Ian Tomlinson – video footage emerges – Lib Dem Voice

Shocked and appalled by Guardian’s G20 video – Councillor David Walker: Working for Bridgnorth Morfe Ward all year round!

Guardian video reveals police assault on G20 protestor that died – Duncan Borrowman

Ian Tomlinson – SB on The Yorksher Gob

The Met’s Rodney King Moment – Stephen Glenn on Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal

Ian Tomlinson assault video – Alison Wheeler on AlisonW – mostly harmless

What kind of trouble were the police expecting – Rob on A comfortable place

Does the right really value freedom? The acid test.
– James Graham on Quaequam Blog!

What if it were a dead policeman?
– Costigan Quist on Himmelgarten Café

Police Brutality Back on the Agenda – Charlotte Gore

Ian Tomlinson – Video shows Police Officer’s attack as he walked away – Caron on Caron’s Musings

Ian Tomlinson – Mark Reckons

Ian Tomlinson – will there be justice? – LibCync

What if Ian Tomlinson had been protesting? – Alex on A Lanson Boy

Serious questions that must be answered – Peter Black AM

Please use the comments field to update the list of any accidentally omitted, or published subsequently.