LDV readers say: No to a minimum price for alcohol

by Stephen Tall on March 30, 2009

On the day that chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson was recommending that the government establish a minimum price for alcohol (which would see the doubling of the price of many beers and spirits) LDV posed the question: Is it time to support a minimum price for alcohol?

Here’s what you said:

>> 31% (102 votes) – Yes, minimum prices will help tackle the UK’s binge drinking problems
>> 6% (19) – Maybe, there’s merit in the proposal but the middle of a recession is the wrong time
196% of all votes
>> 59% (192) – No, government should not penalise the responsible majority because of an irresponsible minority
>> 3% (11) – Don’t know / Other
Total Votes: 324; Poll ran: 16th-28th March 2009

A clear majority, then, disagree with the position adopted by Lib Dem MPs (including Nick Clegg) – namely, to support the imposition of minimum prices. Interestingly, we’re currently asking the question as part of our latest survey of LDV Forum members, and the results to date are pretty similar.