Waste and recycling in Waverley – the Lib Dem response

by Stephen Tall on March 5, 2009

Lib Dem Voice mentioned here on Monday the Financial Times’s report on the political pitfalls of waste and recycling collections, highlighting the electoral troubles it caused the Lib Dem group in Waverley in 2007. In today’s paper, Waverely Lib Dem councillor Celia Savage, has a letter published in today’s paper, noting:

Collecting waste on alternate weeks increases recycling in a cost-effective way because the materials for recycling are collected on the other alternate weeks. One or the other is collected every week. This was introduced in Waverley by the Liberal Democrats in response to the government-imposed recycling target of 40 per cent. The recycling rate here rocketed as a result, and achieved 40 per cent – as it presumably did in the other districts you list. A separate weekly collection of food waste would make things easier for householders, and it was our intention to introduce such a scheme before long.

NB: later today, LDV will publish an article by Iain Coleman, executive councillor in charge of bins in Cambridge when the council moved to fortnightly rubbish collections.