What Nick's Facebook friends are saying about his 25 random things

by Stephen Tall on February 10, 2009

On Sunday, LDV published* Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg’s contribution to the Facebook meme afflicting sweeping the nation, 25 random things, in which ‘tagged’ Facebook users list, erm, 25 random things about themselves. Here, anonymised, are a selection of the comments that Nick’s Facebook friends have posted in response:

>> Brilliant stuff – good to see a politician keeping on trend with the meme surveys :)
>> Careful Nick…you’re coming across as too interesting. people might not believe you’re a real politician
>> #25 made me laugh!
>> Wow, that’s great! It’s nice to see politicians who are so down to earth.
>> Even the 25 things is now affecting those in the highest office of our party…wow
>> im amazed you answered that!!! great
>> I have to say our leader is a bloody good man

* Note to Iain Dale: LDV seeks permission from authors before hitting the copy ‘n’ paste keys and potentially infringing their copyright, especially if published on a semi-private medium like Facebook.