Lib Dem councillor accused over ambulance

by Stephen Tall on February 4, 2009

Plenty of media coverage today of Lib Dem Cambridge city councillor Colin Rosentiel following a complaint made against him to the Standards Board for England – the Telegraph’s account is the most detailed I’ve seen:

Liberal Democrat councillor Colin Rosenstiel stopped the vehicle as crews tried to reach an injured person at a summer festival on common land in Cambridge. Mr Rosenstiel rode his bicycle into the path of the ambulance, blocking the entrance, and refused to budge because he claimed cars were not allowed on the grass.

The emergency crew eventually manoeuvred around him but, on leaving the ground, after they had treated the patient, he allegedly blocked their exit again by locking the gate. Driver paramedic Cliff Austine, of the East of England Ambulance Service, summoned a nearby policeman who ordered the councillor to open it.

Mr Austine then made a formal complaint to the Standards Board for England, the watchdog for councillors’ behaviour. The Board found Mr Rosenstiel, who sits on Cambridge City Council, had failed to comply with the code of conduct and brought his office into disrepute.

There’s a small quote from Colin, whose name will be familiar to many internetting Lib Dems thanks to his invaluable webpage detailing all internal party election results:

Both parties in Parliament have attempted to abolish the Standards Board for England. It tends to make mountains of molehills, although I am not directly referring to my case.”