LDV up-and-running again – help keep it that way!

by Stephen Tall on February 3, 2009

Our apologies to LDV readers who’ve found themselves deprived of our company for the last couple of hours. As regulars will know, we do run into these occasional technical problems – normally it’s near the end of the month when our bandwidth limit’s been exceeded and we need to shove another 50p in the meter. This time we collapsed under the strain of search engine requests (as I understand it from our tech-wizard Ryan who genuinely does understand it).

Paul Walter over at his Liberal Burblings blog has helpfully posed the question ‘Should we have a whip round for LibDem Voice?’ – which is all the excuse I need to remind readers that LDV is actively seeking donations to help us out with our running costs, and to enable us to expand in the future. In the last 12 months, almost 220,000 absolute unique visitors have read LDV. Which is great – but we can do greater! With your help…

Here’s the link you need to DONATE.

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