Clegg condemns Brown’s ‘British jobs for British workers’ dog-whistle

by Stephen Tall on February 2, 2009

As wildcat strikers adopt Gordon Brown’s dog-whistle slogan of ‘British jobs for British workers’, the Lib Dem leadership has made clear that it sees no point in getting in to “a blame game” with other European workers.

Vince Cable, the party’s deputy leader, commented at the weekend:

We’ve got to be very careful – on the one hand we’ve got to listen to workers who are angry, we need to help them to find some way forward. But it would be very, very dangerous and foolish to fall into this beggar my neighbour game with people in one country fighting people in another over jobs – that only ultimately makes the problem much worse.”

Meanwhile Nick Clegg has condemned the Prime Minister and Labour ministers for seeking to deflect worker discontent onto the EU.

The truth is that twice as many British people live and work in the EU than EU citizens work here. Any attempt to ban EU citizens from jobs in Britain would be a massive own goal. If every EU country followed suit, we would have to cope with a massive influx of British people who work overseas.”