Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #99

by Stephen Tall on January 14, 2009

Welcome to the 99th of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (4th-10th January 2009), together with a hand-picked quintet, mostly courtesy of LibDig, you might otherwise have missed.

As ever, let’s start with the most popular post, and work our way down.

1. EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems FPC vote to keep Scrap Tuition Fees policy on Anthony Hook’s blog.
And in doing so spoil half the fun of the Harrogate spring conference.

2. Time for London Region Liberal Democrats to go back to the drawing board
on Duncan Borrowman’s blog.
Should the Lib Dems’ London mayoral candidate be the number one candidate on our Regional List for the London Assembly?

3. My journey to the Dark Side on Helen Duffett’s Paint the Town Orange blog .
“I have felt your presence.” But only because we work hard all year round.

4. Ken Livingstone is history, so why have some Lib Dems started backing him? on Andy Strange’s Process guy blog.
Are Susan Kramer and Mike Tuffrey right to speak at Ken’s Progressive London conference?

5. Failing to get elected to the Federal Executive, twice
on Andy Strange’s Process guy blog.
Always the bridesmaid.

6. Conservatives losing here albeit in somewhat unusual circumstances
on Stewart Arnold’s The Yorkshire Guidon.
Always worth savouring whatever the circumstances.

7. EXCLUSIVE: Chamali Fernando quits the Lib Dems on James Graham’s Quaequam Blog! Young, fresh, unspun … and out of here.

And now to the five blog-posts that come highly recommended regardless of the number of Aggregator click-throughs they attracted. As is now traditional we’re using the LibDig widget to select some of the posts from the seven days in question which you’ve most ‘dug’. But, remember, if you want to highlight a Lib Dem blog article published in the past seven days – your own, or someone else’s – using the steam-powered method of e-mail all you have to do is drop me a line at (providing the web-link and author, and any tagline comment you care to have published).

8. The really important bit of the Lib Dem reshuffle
on Andy Strange’s Process guy blog.
A sharp spot: “Jim Wallace is being brought in to help prepare the Party for the possible consequences of a hung parliament. This could potentially give him a huge amount of behind the scenes influence. This, by the way, is a good thing.”

9. Conservatives admit that they didn’t do enough to stop Ian Oakley
on Sarah Bedford’s Always win when you’re singing blog.
“[Their] deafening silence implies that Watford Conservatives are not really sorry that Ian Oakley behaved as he did and believe that in some way the LibDems deserved all the harassment, the false allegations of violence and paedophilia, the damage to cars and homes.”

10. Charles Darwin had blogger’s block too on Helen Duffett’s Paint the Town Orange blog.
“Read on to find out how he managed this, despite blogging not being around in his time…” (Nominated by Mark Pack via LibDig).

11. Criminalising Weird on Charlotte Gore’s blog.
“On how we’re supposed to retain our freedom by, er, compromising our freedom.” (Nominated by Helen Duffett via LibDig).

12. Alas poor Iain, I knew him well…is Mr Dale intent on becoming a rather mangy attack dog?
on Mark Valladares’ Liberal Bureaucracy blog.
“Countering Iain Dale’s charge that the LibDems are ‘anti-Israel’.” (Nominated by Paul Walter via LibDig).

That’s it for this week. Come back for next week’s instalment, when the Golden Dozen hits 100!

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