A reminder of how insufferably ridiculous Tories can be

by Stephen Tall on January 13, 2009

With a tip of my hat to The Times’s Sam Coates, may I present exhibit A), this latest posting by that tedious caricature of right-wing Toryness, Donal Blaney, chief executive of the Young Britons’ Foundation:

Guido links to Derek Draper’s appearance on Channel 4 News last night, debating with Tim Montgomerie, on the launch of LabourList. When Channel 4 tried to link to LabourList, the site crashed. For once Chris Paul’s paranoia was correct. What Guido didn’t reveal is that that was down to a coordinated effort of Conservative Future activists!

Oh! the hilarity.

Complete the following sentence: while Conservative Future is an oxymoron, Donal Blaney is just a …