Telegraph names Vince a 'hero of the year'

by Stephen Tall on December 21, 2008

Okay, so he’s one of nine listed, alongside The Metric Martyrs, John Sergeant and Boris Johnson (this is the Telegraph, after all) – but still when was the last time a Liberal Democrat earned such an accolade from the paper?


Dubbed “Dr Doom” for his (accurate, as it turned out) predictions of economic meltdown, the man the Lib Dems saw as too old, bald and boring to be their leader, has had the best year of any British politician. Oracle-like, Vince, 65, warned us of the mounting problems at Northern Rock, that the nation’s “ticking timebomb of debt” would explode when it did, and that the sub-prime mortgage fiasco would leapfrog the Atlantic. The bad news is that he expects recovery to take a decade.