LDV 2008 Awards: the non-Lib Dem lists – your nominations, please!

by Stephen Tall on December 14, 2008

Yesterday we announced that the LDV end-of-the-year awards are back, seeking your nominations for four categories relating directly to the Lib Dems: Politician of the Year, Campaigner of the Year, By-election Performance of the Year, and Most Desperate Press Release of the Year.

Today, we’re seeking nominations for the following four categories:

The LDV 2008 Awards

Liberal Voice of the Year
Please nominate the individual, group of people or organisation which you believe has best promoted the cause of liberalism within the past year. NB: we are reserving this award for non-Lib Dems, so please do not nominate a known party member/supporter.

Political Broadcaster / Journalist of the Year
Please nominate the individual you believe has been proven most reliable and insightful in the past year in politics.

Political Radio / TV Programme of the Year
Please nominate the show which you believe has provided the best coverage of politics in the past year.

Defining Political Moment of the Year
Please nominate the political episode/speech/gaffe which you believe will be remembered for a long time to come.

Please submit your nominations in the comments section below, making it clear in which category your nominations belong.

In total, there are eight categories for which we’re seeking nominations; the LDV Collective will then draw up and publish the short-lists; and then seek your votes via a poll run according to the single transferable vote. How impeccably liberal can you get?