Your starter for six, Dave: what's your "credible plan"?

by Stephen Tall on December 9, 2008

The Daily Mail’s political blogger Ben Brogan begins a post today, “Some great stuff in David Cameron’s LSE speech today.” So far, so Daily Mail, you might think. But there’s a sting in the tail for Young Dave:

… he’s left a bunch of questions to which he needs to find some quick answers if he is to avoid Labour accusations that he is a younger version of Michael Howard, ready to draw up a James Review MkII. Anyone reading Mr Cameron’s speech will want to know:

* Since he’s calling for an immediate election, what would Tory fiscal responsibility mean for spending this year and next?
* If Labour has “no serious plan” for the present, what’s his?
* What is his “credible plan”?
* What “tough decisions” will he take?
* By how much more will he “slow the growth of Government spending” beyond the new 1.2pc target set by Mr Darling last week?
* In fact, which programmes will he “abolish”? The Treasury faces a structural shortfall in lost tax revenue of £40bn a year, so talking up savings on foreign trips and office redecoration is frankly piffling.

If Dave (or Gordon) would like some hints, Nick and Vince have a few ideas for a credible economic recovery plan here…