LDV still doesn’t do statporn, but if we did…

by Stephen Tall on December 1, 2008

We’d say a big thank you to the 48,671 ‘absolute unique visitors’* who read Liberal Democrat Voice in November, our highest total ever, and a whopping 283% increase on a year ago. For the record, the comparable figure for Iain Dale was 64,552.

(It would only be proper to note, though, that the circumstances for the last month’s sudden surge were sad ones: a post entitled ‘Baby P‘ became (temporarily) the top Google return for that search term, and resulted in very heavy traffic.)

The recent trend for Lib Dem Voice is hugely positive:

Year on Year Absolute Unique Visitors +189%
1 Dec 2007-30 Nov 2008 204,484; 1 Dec 2006-30 Nov 2007 70,741

Absolute Unique Visitors +283% year on year
November 2008 48,671 – November 2007 12,702 – Oct 2008 22,628

Whether you’re a regular here, or an occasional ‘popper-by’, we’re delighted you looked in. And if you enjoy reading LDV, why not try writing for LDV?

* Google’s term: it broadly means people using over 48,000 different computers visited LDV at least once.

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