CommentIsLinked@LDV: Bridget Fox – 'Damian Green case shows we are taking freedom of information for granted'

by Stephen Tall on November 28, 2008

The latest blog of Bridget Fox, Lib Dem PPC for Islington South and Finsbury, is now live over at The Guardian’s website, with thoughts on the Damian Green case, VAT changes, and our success on the Angel crossing campaign. Read it in full here, but here’s a sneak preview of Bridget’s alternative fiscal stimulations suggestions:

If the government wanted to change VAT, why not make a permanent cut on measures such as energy conservation methods for existing homes. Converting existing buildings to provide affordable homes is the right kind of investment to attract a VAT cut. A further discount on your imported plasma screen isn’t. Cutting income tax is a better way to empower consumers. People can then make their own choices about whether they want to spend, save, or support voluntary organisations who are also feeling the pinch.

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