NEW POLL: what do you make of the Pre-Budget Report?

by Stephen Tall on November 24, 2008

We now know the details of Alastair Darling’s ‘crisis budget’, the PBR. The Guardian has a brief run-down of the headline changes here, chief of which are:

• VAT to be cut from 17.5% to 15% from Monday until 2010
• Top rate of income tax to rise to 45% on those earning more than £150,000 – the top 1% of earners – from 2011
• Allowances to be raised, so this will be worth £145 a year to 22 million basic-rate taxpayers
• National Insurance to rise by 0.5% on all rates of national insurance from 2011

The big question is: will it work? Here are your options in our new poll:

>> The Government’s financial stimulus is spot-on, will get the economy moving again, and pay for itself in the medium-term

>> A number of the Government’s measures are welcome, but overall the impact will be too small and the cost too great

>> The Government’s measures will have virtually no effect on the coming recession, and will result in recklessly high levels of borrowing

>> Don’t know

As ever, feel free to put forward your own more nuanced views in the comments thread below…