NEW: November LDV members’ survey now live

by Stephen Tall on November 19, 2008

If you are a registered member of the Liberal Democrat Voice forum – and any paid-up party member is welcome to join – then you now have the opportunity to make your views known on a range of issues in our November members’ survey. Topics we are asking your opinion on include:

– Lib Dem tax policy post-credit crunch;
– what should be the Lib Dem policy on the European single currency;
– why the party hasn’t benefited more in the polls from its sure-footed economic performance;
– what you believe are the key issues currently facing the UK;
– what you think the new party president’s top priority should be;
– when you think the next general election will be, and what the party’s prospects are; and
– what you think of Nick Clegg’s leadership and the performance of prominent Lib Dems and the shadow cabinet.

It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to fill in. All registered members of the Forum should by now have been emailed with a link to take you to the survey. If you haven’t been yet, or if you are signing up to the Forum now, please drop Ryan Cullen a line at

We’ll publish the results within the next week or so. You can access the results from our previous LDV members surveys by clicking here.