LDV readers say: keep the BBC licence fee

by Stephen Tall on November 17, 2008

Last month, just as ‘BrandRossGate’ was snowballing into the greatest catastrophe to hit the BBC since they hired Jeremy Vine to be the new Peter Snow on election-nights, Lib Dem Voice asked our readers the timely question: how do you think the BBC should be funded?

We presented four options (which, as ever, didn’t suit all commenters) to choose from – here’s what you told us:

• As at present, through the BBC licence fee – 216 (40%)
• Scrap the licence fee, but pay for the BBC through general taxation – 110 (20%)
• Scrap the licence fee, and let the BBC become a subscription-based members’ service – 76 (14%)
• Scrap the licence fee, and let the BBC compete for advertising revenue – 143 (26%)
Total Votes: 545. Poll ran: 27th October – 17th November, 2008

In total, then, exactly 60% of LDV readers support the BBC continuing to be paid for by taxation, whether directly through the BBC’s licence fee, or indirectly through general taxation. That does, mind you, leave a significant minority who feel the BBC should be cut free from state funding, and made to pay its own way.