LDV party president polls – not so very far off

by Stephen Tall on November 8, 2008

Well, I’m not going to pretend that the Lib Dem Voice members’ surveys predicted the outcome of the party presidential race within a statistical margin of error. But it is interesting to see – in the first test of the surveys in an internal election – that they were reflective of how the wider membership actually voted.

October survey:
Chandila Fernando – 3%
Lembit Opik 10%
Ros Scott – 61%
I don’t know yet, but will definitely vote 23%
I won’t be voting – 3%

There is one measure on which the LDV members’ surveys are certainly unrepresentative of the membership (sadly): while in October only 4% of LDV-reading party members said you wouldn’t vote at all, in the actual ballot some 50% of the party membership chose not to.