BBC Question Time: open thread

by Stephen Tall on October 30, 2008

There’s no Lib Dem on tonight’s BBC1 Question Time (10.35 pm and online) – but on this occasion at least I think we can absolve the Beeb of any blame, as tonight is their US election special. The programme features adviser to Barack Obama, Elizabeth Edwards, executive director of John McCain’s campaign in New York, Christopher Nixon Cox, author and journalist Clarence Page, historian Simon Schama and political consultant Cheri Jacobus.

With just four days left ‘til the general election, the polls are pointing to a Barack Obama landslide in the electoral college, with projecting his current lead over John McCain as 375-157. Meanwhile, argues that the Republican is failing to catch his Democrat rival either in the national popular vote nor the key battleground states. Oh, and the Economist tonight endorses Obama, too.

And yet, and yet… how many of us have a nagging doubt that either the polls are spectacularly wrong, or that some last-minute external event will suddenly turn the election on its head? Well, over the weekend we’ll be inviting Lib Dem Voice readers to put their pundit reputations to the test in our US Presidential election competition. At stake a limited edition LDV mug (they really are limited: we only have two left).

Anyway, this the QT Open Thread, so you know the drill, baby, drill – feel free to sound off in the comments thread below…