YouGov poll: Vince would be the best Chancellor for Britain right now

by Stephen Tall on October 22, 2008

Channel 4 News has commissioned a poll from YouGov in the 60 marginal constituencies David Cameron needs to win to form a Government. LDV doesn’t dwell on individual poll results – the only sensible way to use polls is to look at trends – but it’s worth highlighting one finding which is unlikely to get much publicity.

YouGov asked the question: “If you were to put political party preferences to one side who would be the best Chancellor for Britain right now?”

And here’s what the public said:

Alistair Darling – 15%
George Osborne – 12%
Vince Cable -19%
Don’t know – 54%

A high proportion of Don’t Knows, it’s true – but can you recall the last occasion when a Lib Dem shadow chancellor would have been rated by the public as the best person to do the job for real?

Interestingly, Vince gets his most favourable ratings among the following groups:

Men (27%)
Over 55s (27%)
ABC1s (23%)
London and Scotland (both 22%)

Time for Lib Dems to start putting that EARS and Mosaic data to good use in some direct mail…

PS: You can download the full results here.