Who is Oedipus Snark?

by Stephen Tall on October 10, 2008

Lib Dem Voice-reading habitués of the online Telegraph and fans of novelist Alexander McCall Smith may well have been asking themselves this question already. For the uninitiated, Mr McCall Smith is “writing his first ever online novel Corduroy Mansions exclusively for Telegraph.co.uk”, and one of the characters is named Oedipus Snark. Here’s his CV:

Name: Oedipus Snark
Age: 40
Profession: Possibly the first ever nasty Liberal Democrat MP.
Significant relationships: his ego; his lover Barbara Ragg.
Likes: Himself, wriggling out of prior engagements.
Dislikes: Putting himself out for other people, journalists.

You can catch up with the serial here. Libellous suggestions as to Mr Snark’s true identity will be deleted. In any case, this is purely a work of fiction: how could any Lib Dem MP be nasty?

(Hat-tip: James Graham).