Party elections 2008 – who's standing for what

by Stephen Tall on October 9, 2008

As everyone knows, Lib Dems love elections – and what could be better than our internal elections, where a Lib Dem is guaranteed to finish first? Over on the official party site, you can find out the full list of nominated candidates for the following party positions and committees:

Party President

Chandila Fernando –
Ros Scott –
Lembit Opik –

Timetable: A ballot of all party members will be held between 13th October and 7th November 2008. (Only those members with valid membership subscriptions on 24th September 2008 will be eligible to vote.)

The Federal Executive – 15 Places to be elected

The Federal Policy Committee – 15 Places to be elected

The Federal Conference Committee – 12 Places to be elected

The International Relations Committee – 5 Places to be elected

The European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) – 8 Places to be elected

Interim Peers List Top-Up Election
– 30 places to be elected

Details of what all these committees do, together with the full list of those standing, is available at the party website.

Timetable for all committee elections:
Nomination Papers available from 14th August 2008; Close of Nominations 24th September 2008; Dispatch of ballot papers 8th October 2008; Close of ballot 5th November 2008; Count 8th November 2008.