BBC Question Time: open thread

by Stephen Tall on October 9, 2008

With western capitalism imploding – and the even more surprising news that Gordon Brown yesterday managed an unscripted quip – BBC Question Time reports, only a little self-importantly, there “have been some changes to the line-up due to the dramatic developments in the banking crisis.”

Sadly the BBC don’t tell us who they’ve bumped off the panel to make way for the heavweights felt capable of delivering the gravitas appropriate to a week which has seen the quasi-nationalisation of the financial services industry. But speaking of gravitas, who better to be representing the Lib Dems tonight than Chris Huhne, the party’s shadow secretary of state for home affairs (and likely shadow chancellor but for the grace of St Vince of Cable).

It says a lot about the Tory shadow cabinet that the man with most economic credibility is still Ken Clarke, the former chancellor who hasn’t even sat on his party’s front-bench for more than a decade. The panel also includes the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills John Denham, the Bishop of Rochester Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, and Ruth Lea from the Eurosceptic campaign group Global Vision.

It could, I guess, be a corker of a show (BBC1, 10.35 pm or online). In which case, how better to watch it than by keeping one eye on the telly while posting acerbic remarks in LDV’s open thread?