But will the party still love him in the morning?

by Stephen Tall on September 23, 2008

Today was Gordon Brown’s day; and the common media consensus appears to be that he did enough to ward off the immediate threat to his leadership from Labour rebels.

All of which took me back a year to the high praise which greeted Ming Campbell’s speech to the 2007 Lib Dem conference – here at LDV, in an uncharacteristic display of brazen loyalism, we collated some of the most positive quotes from the top pundits. All were agreed that Ming was a cert to stay as leader. Within a few weeks he had decided to resign for the good of the party (and his own dignity).

Today changed nothing for Labour, nor for Gordon Brown. The party, with him at its helm, is doomed to a crushing defeat. Unfortunately for Labour, though, it’s hard to imagine Gordon ‘doing a Ming’, and departing the stage quietly. The next few weeks are going to be messy.