Lembit 4 President campaign goes live

by Stephen Tall on September 16, 2008

Here at Lib Dem Voice, we will of course be maintaining strict neutrality during the forthcoming contest to decide who should be the next president of the party, when Simon Hughes’ four-year tenure ends in a couple of months. Baroness Ros Scott’s well-oiled campaign launched earlier this month on the day nominations opened.

And it is now clear there will be a contested election, for Lembit Opik’s long-mooted campaign is coming to pass – the website, inevitably entitled Lembit4President.co.uk – is now up-and-running. It perhaps lacks the gloss of Ros’s highly professional effort: the text, for example, is littered with typos, including Lembit’s own campaign strapline: Experience, Stratgey, Motivation [sic]. And conference darling Tim Farron may not be too impressed to be re-christened Farran.

Still, Lembit is, as you might expect, forthcoming about his reasons for wanting to stand, and – in an interview with Henley by-election candidate Stephen Kearney – answers directly the worries some members will have that his penchant for publicity risks undermining the party’s credibility.