LDV readers say: party conference – it’s the policy, stupid

by Stephen Tall on September 8, 2008

For the past fortnight, we’ve been asking you: what is the main point of the Lib Dem party conference? And it turns out you’re an old-fashioned lot, with over one-third of you declaring that it’s primarily about giving party members a policy-making role. Mind you, the second most popular answer was the slightly less optimistic / high-minded response, “It’s pointless,” a view to which almost one-quarter of you subscribe.

Here’s the full breakdown of results:

LDV asked: What’s the main point of the Lib Dem party conference?

You said:

> To allow members to play an active role in formulating party policy: 118 (36%)
> To socialise and network with like-minded souls: 64 (20%)
> To remind ourselves of the importance of the principles we all hold in common: 32 (10%)
> To attend numerous speaker/debate/training fringe events (especially those with the best food): 37 (11%)
> None. It’s pointless: 77 (23%)
Total Votes: 328. Poll ran 26th August – 8th September, 2008

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Worrying number of people seem to think it’s completely pointless…

by Alex Foster on September 9, 2008 at 12:39 am. Reply #

How many people who think it’s completely pointless are actually Lib Dem members?

by Nigel Ashton on September 9, 2008 at 2:00 am. Reply #

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