NEW POLL: what’s the main point of the Lib Dem party conference?

by Stephen Tall on August 26, 2008

Having arrived back at work this morning with a dull judder, I toyed with asking, plaintively, the question: does the UK need more bank holidays? (At 8 annual public holidays, England and Wales enjoy the fewest in Europe, except for the Netherlands: for the record, Scotland gets nine, and Northern Ireland 10). But I thought that might come across a bit grumpy, so instead…

To celebrate the countdown to the Lib Dem party conference – yes, there are just 18 days to go, and, yes, you really should have booked your hotel by now – LDV is asking readers to say what they think is the main point of it in the first bally place. I mean, really, why do a few thousand relatively sane folk fork out a small fortune each year to stay in drab seaside B&Bs and obsess about politics for a few days?

Well, you tell us: what is the main point of the Lib Dem party conference? Here are your options (and here I acknowledge my debt to Alix Mortimer, LDV’s intellectual guru, for the suggestions):

* To allow members to play an active role in formulating party policy
* To socialise and network with like-minded souls
* To remind ourselves of the importance of the principles we all hold in common
* To attend numerous speaker/debate/training fringe events (especially those with the best food)
* None. It’s pointless.

Over to you to continue the discussion…

(And, to cheer you up, let me remind you there are only 86 more working days until the next British public holiday, 25th December).