Norman Baker: time to ditch the oath of allegiance

by Stephen Tall on August 8, 2008

For those who are surprised that Norman Baker should have come third in our poll of most-rated Lib Dem shadow cabinet members, much of Stormin’ Norm’s popularity is the result of his championing of causes just like this:

A collection of 22 cross party MPs are launching a campaign to end the tradition of swearing allegiance to the Queen when entering parliament. Led by Liberal Democrat Norman Baker, the MPs are calling for the choice to swear an oath to their constituents and the nation instead.

“This is a matter of democracy,” said Mr Baker. “I’m put here by my constituents and it’s to them I owe my allegiance. Taking the oath to an unelected person is a nonsense.”

For those who want to enjoy the foaming-at-the-mouth fulminations of the Daily Mail and Sun you can click here and here.

My favourite knee-jerk idoticism is Lord Tebbit’s: “They’d rather swear allegiance to Brussels.”