Telegraph: Tory MPs 'still overwhelmingly Thatcherite'

by Stephen Tall on June 25, 2008

That’s the wholly unsurprising news from The Daily Telegraph based on a survey of 120 Tory Parliamentary candidates:

The majority of new Conservative candidates selected to fight the next election are unabashed supporters of Margaret Thatcher’s ideals, a new survey has disclosed. They advocate lower taxes and are more concerned about terrorism than global warming. There is also still a very strong anti-European Union bias among Tory candidates. The future MPs also advocate an expansion in nuclear power, something the party under David Cameron’s leadership has been very reluctant to back.

The paper quotes ConHome’s Tim Montgomerie saying:

At the next General Election we may see the biggest increase in the number of Conservative MPs in modern times. In many ways the values of these MPs will be more important than the Tory manifesto. Most of them will outlast Cameron’s leadership. Within a year or two many of them will be filling ministerial offices. Margaret Thatcher can be proud of them. These are the people who cut their political teeth during her premiership.”

So there you have it from the authentic voice of the virtual Tory heartlands: the Tory party is full of Thatcherites looking to get back into power on Dave’s coat-tails. Who’d have thought it?