Cameron threatens to sue over Henley leaflet (yeah, right)

by Stephen Tall on June 20, 2008

The BBC is reporting:

The Conservatives are threatening legal action against the Lib Dems over the Henley by-election. They have written to the Lib Dems over allegations concerning a local community hospital, which they say their candidate has always supported.
Unless the Lib Dems withdraw a leaflet and remove claims from their website by noon, the Tories say they will sue. A Lib Dem spokesman said they would not be withdrawing the comments, adding: “We feel we are on firm ground”.

You can read the story on Stephen Kearney’s website here.

Separately, and more bizarrely (well, the story does involve Boris Johnson), the London Mayor has taken umbrage at a Lib Dem magazine he claims pretends to carry a by-lined article from him. You can view the leaflet here.

As can be seen, the bits which Boris says pretend to be by him are clearly labelled ‘Our view’ (ie, the editorial line of the magazine) – not ‘My view’, still less ‘Boris’s view’.

I’ll eat my hat if the Tories actually do pursue legal action to court on either count: their comments strike me as a way of attempting to distract the Henley Lib Dems campaign team, and to stir things up with the media… it’s almost as if the Tories are feeling a bit rattled. Surely not? After all, PoliticsHome’s panel of 100 experts predicts they’ll romp home with an increased majority.