Who’s behind YouGov’s Lib Dem presidency poll?

by Stephen Tall on June 19, 2008

I’ve just been emailed, and have completed, a YouGov poll asking my thinking about the post of Lib Dem party president, which will be vacant when Simon Hughes stands down after four years in the role this autumn. Here’s a screen-grab:

You Gov screen grab

The poll itself plays a straight bat compared to previous party leadership YouGov polls I’ve filled in, where the questions sometimes seemed designed to lead (not quite ‘push-polling’ but not far short). Assuming this poll wasn’t commissioned by a newspaper – it seems hard to believe the Lib Dem presidency is considered quite important enough for that – the question arises: was it commissioned by one of the two candidates named, Lembit Opik or Ros Scott; or by a possible third candidate looking to assess the likelihood of a successful bid?