Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #65

by Stephen Tall on May 19, 2008

Welcome to the 65th of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (11th-17th May), together with a hand-picked quintet you might otherwise have missed.

Let’s get straight down to it, in descending order of popularity:

1. The Paddick Diary on Peter Black AM’s blog.
On the frank ‘n’ funny outpourings of the Lib Dems’ London mayoral candidate.

2. Want BNP? Vote Labour on Alex Wilcock’s Love and Liberty blog.
Yes, it’s the Labour party campaigning as only they – and the fascists – know how: desperately appealing to the lowest common denominator.

3. Hot stuff at Crewe HQ! on Helen Duffett’s blog.
Blogging from the by-election front-line.

4. Stephen Kearney chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Henley by-election on Jonathan Calder’s Liberal England blog.
News from Boris’s former stamping ground, and scene of the next big by-election.

5. Why Brian Didn’t get the cash on Pete Dunphy’s party political plc blog.
The inside track on how Boris and Ken were able to outspend Brian in London.

6. Tories: ‘Lesbians Are Fine As Long As They’re In a Relationship With A Man’ on Alex Wilcock’s Love and Liberty blog.
Single entendre of the week: “Have the Tories reached for their core vote’s g-spot because they’re way ahead in the opinion polls and think they can get away with it, or because they’re afraid the lead is surprisingly soft and think their base needs hardening?”

7. Do Lib Dems ask too much of our candidates? by Stephen Tall on Lib Dem Voice.
Is Brian Paddick’s post-election fatigue a warning to the party?

And now to the five slots we reserve under the category ‘well worth reading even if they didn’t get the most clicks this week’. No readers’ nominations this week, so they’re all down to me… Remember, if you do want to highlight a Lib Dem blog article published in the past seven days – your own, or someone else’s – all you have to do is drop me a line at (providing the web-link and author, and any tagline comment you care to have published).

8. No Solid Crewe on James Graham’s Quaequam Blog!
States an obvious truth Tories prefer to back off from: their party simply has to win the Crewe and Nantwich by-election.

9. The brutal truth about Lib Dem candidate selections on Jonny Wright’s Hug A Hoodie blog.
The party’s right to adopt a Realpolitik approach to by-election politics, argues Jonny.

10. Nick Clegg – asset or liability? a quick update on Neil Stockley’s blog.
“Could nice, normal, intelligent and moderate – and ineffective – be what the Liberal Democrats’ brand image is really about?” An interesting question…

11. Man Woman Woman Man………..its all of no consequence in a by election, isn’t it?????? on Linda Jack’s Lindyloo’s Muze blog.
Setting the cat among the pigeons, one of whom – Paul Walter – coos back.

12. The 10p debacle – why the bleeding won’t stop on Mark Valladares’ Liberal Bureaucracy blog. Gordon Brown is in a hole… so Alistair Darling lent him a spade (at very favourable rates).

And that’s it for another week… happy blogging and Crewe campaigning.

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