And the winner is…

by Stephen Tall on May 13, 2008

Thanks to those Lib Dem Voice readers who submitted entries for yesterday’s competition to win a copy Susan George’s book, Hijacking America – by providing a suitable epitaph for George W. Bush’s presidency.

The standard was extremely high – I heartily commend the comments thread to those who missed it – which has made judging the winner extremely difficult. (Not helped by the LDV editorial collective all choosing different favourites: typical bloody liberals.)

Among the best of the runners-up were:

GWB, we are forever in his national debt (Andy Mayer)

Daddy made me do it (Paul Walter)

2001-2009: (interregnum) (Bibliophylax)

We apologise for the late recount (Andy Mayer)

Let feardom reign (Joe Otten)

Here lies the architect of compassionate conservatism, we pray this edifice last a little longer. (Andy Mayer)

In the end – and not least as a reward for his persistence – I’ve plumped for another of Andy Mayer’s bon mots:

Here lies George W. Bush, never knowingly misunderestimated

Congratulations to Andy: an advance copy of Hijacking America is on its way to you. For everyone else, you can buy it from this Friday. Here’s the Amazon link which earns the party some commission.

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May I commend the judges on their wisdom, fair-mindedness, and might I add devilish good looks.

by Andy Mayer on May 13, 2008 at 9:15 pm. Reply #

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