Lib Dem MEP battles on to reveal MEP fraud report findings

by Stephen Tall on February 26, 2008

Last week, Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies sparked controversy by revealing the findings of an internal audit of the European Parliament which, according to Chris, “is dynamite”:

Let’s be quite honest. I think the allegations within this report from our own auditors should lead to the imprisonment of a number of MEPs. I think it’s embezzlement and fraud on a massive, massive scale.”

Chris and the Lib Dems have called for the publication of the document – but their efforts look like being blocked by the budget control committee, aided and abetted by Labour and Tory MEPs. Today’s Times reports:

Neither of the two biggest groups in the European Parliament — the Socialist group that includes Labour MEPs and the EPP that includes the Conservatives — would declare an official position on publication last night. “

Y’see, that’s the difference between the Lib Dem and Labour/Tory approach to Europe: Lib Dems support a reformed European Union. Labour and the Tories prefer to keep the EU unreformed as a convenient whipping-boy.