NEW POLL: who do you want to be the next President of the USA?

by Stephen Tall on January 31, 2008

And then there were four… As we approach Super Tuesday on 5th February, when over 20 states vote in their primaries, it’s clear there are two two-horse races for the Democrat and Republican presidential nominations. So when better than now to ask: who would you prefer to see occupy the White House in a year’s time?

Here are your four choices:

Sen. Hillary Clinton (Dem)
Sen. John McCain (GOP)
Sen. Barack Obama (Dem)
Gov. Mitt Romney (GOP)

Eyes right to cast your ballot. If you want a helping hand, there are a couple of quizzes you can take to match you up with the Presidential candidate who most closely matches your views on a range of issues. In both cases, it turned out I should support Mike Gravel, the 77 year-old former Democratic senator for Alaska: an interesting guy. He is, technically at least, now the only other Democratic candidate in the race – but as he polled 0.14% in the New Hampshire primary, a late surge seems a tad unlikely.

Incidentally, about a month ago, LDV hit upon the cunning, if perhaps over-ambitious, idea of putting six questions to each of the seven main Presidential candidates – the four above, plus Democrat John Edwards, and Republicans Rudy Guiliani and Mike Huckabee – to see if they’d respond at all, and, if they did, what their answers would be.

Our questions were as follows:

– Do you believe it’s now time to set a framework for the withdrawal of US and British forces from Iraq?
– Do you think there is any more a ‘special relationship’ between the US and United Kingdom?
– What do you think is the greatest threat to future well-being and prosperity in the UK and US?
– What role do you see for the United Nations during your presidency?
– How big a threat do you believe global warming to be?
– How would you respond if a US citizen were indicted for war crimes in the International Criminal Court?

Interestingly, only Clinton’s and Obama’s sites were set up to allow/encourage media inquiries from abroad. Edwards’ and McCain’s contact forms didn’t allow for enquiries from anyone outside the USA (so I lied, and said I was from Moody, Alabama). Guiliani and Huckabee both provided catch-all email addresses, while Romney’s contact-me form permitted only 100 words – which meant half the last question was missed off.

And what was the net result of all this net questioning?

Well, I’ve been subscribed to Obama’s and Edwards’ email distribution lists. The only candidate who responded at all personally was Mitt Romney – by copying ‘n’ pasting his key campaign themes. So I’m afraid there’s no EXCLUSIVE interviews with the Presidential hopefuls to be had here folks. Maybe in 2012…