LDV readers vote for 14 days detention without charge

by Stephen Tall on January 31, 2008

For the last fortnight, we’ve had a poll running asking, “How many days should we permit detention without charge?”

In total, 69% of you reckoned this should be 14 days or fewer, compared with Labour’s full-throated support for 42 days to deal with “hypothetical” situations.

Here are the results in full:
• 14 days, as before Blair: 37% (165)
• Fewer than 14 days: 32% (144)
• 28 days, as Blair got: 19% (85)
• 90 days, as proposed by Blair: 9% (40 votes)
• 42 days, as proposed by Brown: 3% (13)
Total Votes: 447. 12th-31st January, 2008

Here’s what Nick Clegg has to say about extending the period of detention without charge:

The obsession with 42 days is undermining, not supporting, the battle against terrorism. Ministers are taking their reliance on hypothetical examples to new lengths as they attempt to cover up for the complete lack of genuine evidence for such a move. Gordon Brown himself says that the key objective in combating terrorism is winning over hearts and minds. How can he possibly then justify a measure like extending pre-charge detention which will do so much to alienate people?”