Top of the Blogs: Golden Dozen #48

by Stephen Tall on January 20, 2008

Welcome to the 48th of our weekly round-ups from the Lib Dem blogosphere, featuring the seven most popular stories according to click-throughs from the Aggregator (13th-19th January), together with a hand-picked quintet you might otherwise have missed.

Here are the best-read posts this last week, in descending order:

1. Final update: Blog reaction to Nick Clegg’s speech on public services on Paul Walter’s Liberal Burblings blog.
This is what I call comprehensive: 14 media stories and 59 blog posts.

2. How the Lib Dem leadership contest almost turned into a bloodbath on Jonathan Calder’s Liberal England blog.
Did Ming back Nick and Charles back Chris? Behind-the-scenes in the leadership contest, according to Greg Hurst.

3. Nick Clegg: an apology on Anders Hanson’s blog.
Anders promises to keep the liberal dissenting tradition alive ‘n’ kicking.

4. The Orange Book Delusion on James Graham’s Quaequam Blog! blog.
“I do wish people would stop waving it in my face and actually read it.” And you can buy it here.

5. Stop being ‘deliberately contentious’…we’re not the Liberal Party! On Jo Anglezarke’s Jo’s Jottings blog.
Is it time for a name change? (Please, God, let’s not have that debate again!)

6. Prime Minister’s Questions – Live (almost!)
on Steve Webb’s The Webb Log blog.
Steve recounts this week’s Parliamentary half-hour in which MPs ask questions without expecting or wanting to hear the answers.

7. ePolitix verdict: Clegg beating Cameron at PMQs on Paul Walter’s Liberal Burblings blog.
It’s true! Nick’s averaging 7.5/10 to Dave’s 6/10.

And here’s another five postings well worth sinking your teeth into on a wet January night:

8. If it’s Thursday it must be Pendle and Teheran on Baroness Ros Scott’s Because Baronesses are people too blog.
A warm LDV welcome to blogging for the noble lady, here grappling with housing in Pendle and legally ‘perverse’ decisions by Jack Straw.

9. Nick Clegg – the other story on Neil Stockley’s blog.
On the importance of Nick stopping the media’s negative narrative – that he’s a waffler – from sticking.

10. London Development Agency: trying to spin its way out of trouble on Lynne Featherstone’s Parliament and Haringey diary.
The misappropriation and corruption may still be case unproven, but Lynne has the LDA bang to rights over its spin tactics.

11. How we can get that “Good local school” everybody wants on Tom Papworth’s Liberal Polemic blog.
Tom’s pro-choice: “The point of choice (and competition, and markets, and all those other scary things that cause Social Democratic stomachs to knot in fear) is that it is the most effective driver in improving standards.”

12. Write a WordPress plugin and win £200
on Lib Dem Voice.
Bustin’ to write a plugin for the party? Find out how.

And that’s it for another week… Happy blogging.