Evening Standard: “It's no contest – Paddick must be Mayor”

by Stephen Tall on January 16, 2008

There was a boost for Brian Paddick’s London mayoral campaign today, when Evening Standard columnist Nirpal Dhaliwal gave the Lib Dem candidate his whole-hearted endorsement:

I thought the mayoral race had become an embarrassing Laurel-and-Hardy act as Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson competed for attention. But with Brian Paddick’s campaign launch, it should now be a serious political contest.

Immediately showing his mettle, Paddick has promised to cut crime or not stand for re-election. His opponents haven’t had the guts to stick their necks out that far. And by proposing a possible ban on cars in inner London, he’s showed he is prepared to be unpopular in order to improve things.

Dignified and accomplished, he offers London what it needs in a Mayor: a true statesman. Unlike Ken and Boris, he lacks a Tourette’s compulsion to court controversy and give offence. Livingstone has treated his position as a platform for his cranky opinions, and Boris would do the same. They’ve outraged Jews, black people, women and Liverpudlians between them. Londoners who want leadership rather than a big-mouthed egomaniac-will give Paddick serious consideration.

… with its unique social make-up and problems, London requires a fresh approach from the voters as much as from those who want to run it. Dashing, successful and openly gay, Paddick would best represent the diversity, dynamism and funkiness of our capital city. But he also has the CV most suited to running it.

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Should be on every leaflet we give out in London until election day!

by Simon on January 17, 2008 at 4:05 pm. Reply #

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