LDV readers vote to save the monarchy

by Stephen Tall on January 8, 2008

Amidst all the excitement of the poll for Liberal Voice of the Year 2007 – have you voted yet? – LDV clean forgot to post the results of our earlier readers’ survey, which ran over the New Year.

We asked you: “Do you think the British monarchy should be retained or abolished?”

You told us, albeit by a slender majority, that you’re monarchists at heart. Here’s the full breakdown:

Retain the monarchy: 43% (148)
Abolish it: 40% (140)
Utterly indifferent: 17% (59)
Total Votes: 347

I’ll admit I’m a tad surprised, though perhaps that’s because I’m an instinctive republican who finds it hard to square meritocratic liberalism with hereditary rule. But I’m also a democrat – of course – and if republicanism can’t convince even a majority of readers of a liberal website of its merits that suggests to me it’s time has not yet arrived.