88% of Lib Dem MPs support fixed-term Parliaments (majority of Labour and Tory MPs opposed)

by Stephen Tall on December 29, 2007

Iain Dale has highlighted a ComRes survey of 154 MPs – conducted in October this year – revealing that, though support for fixed-term parliaments is on the increase, a majority remain opposed. The breakdown of the poll shows:

88% of Lib Dem MPs support fixed-term Parliaments; as do
41% of Labour MPs; while only
25% of Tory MPs agree.

Overall, 44% of all MPs support fixed-term parliaments, and 49% oppose them.

The OurKingdom blog gives its reaction here, and ends with a delicious conclusion:

surely MPs realise the manipulation and short-termism brings them into disrepute. Why are the majority of both Labour and Conservative members of parliament at the same time spineless and self-important? Any answers please, for a holiday quiz.

You can find out more about The Campaign for Fixed-Trem Parliaments here.

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How many other EU countries (if any) don’t have fixed terms?
I’m sure someone will know!!

by Felix Holt on December 29, 2007 at 2:02 pm. Reply #

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