You want Lib Dem blog reaction? You got it

by Stephen Tall on December 19, 2007

Bless Iain Dale. He’s worried that if Lib Dems don’t speak through Lib Dem Voice they have nothing to say. Here’s a hint, Iain: cast your eyes down the Lib Dem Blogs Aggregator, and you’ll see we party members have plenty to talk about. There have been (by my count) seventy-three – yes, count ’em, 73 – leadership blog postings since the result was announced just 10 hours ago.

But, ’tis true, unlike the Tory party we don’t rely on one lone mouthpiece, Tim Mongomerie, to give all Lib Dem activists a home in which to spout off: for the Lib Dem blogosphere speaks with many voices, not just one. It’s our curse – and, above all, our blessing. Thank you for pointing it out so clearly to your right-wing readership.